Picture of Teorec

Species: Skeleton
Affiliations: Staydeads
Generations: Braindead
Roles: Developer

Teorec first joined the server in early season 3, but paid no attention to the game, and was killed by Epic in Downtown some time after joining. He remained completely inactive until The Shambling, effectively making him a lectard.

He is the creator of race in NLACakaNM and, by extension, racism. He also did one of the latest ghost gameplay updates, adding ghost fishing.


After first becoming active late in The Shambling, he showed an interest in helping develop the game, and decided to #staydead.

Teorec became an active community member starting in the Dreamtimes, competing with Seani and Anifred in the race to a negaslime during season 1.75, in which he came second.
He revived in early 2.5, initially going Rowdy, following K1P's suggestion that he try the game as a living player before making any changes to it.

After betraying K.C Hatman and murdering two other GooGirl-aligned rowdies in cold blood, he fled to Juvie Row and joined the Killers, initiating his crusade against the corporation.
Towards the end of the second dream, Teorec decided to end his reign of terror and return to the sewers, ending his personal war against GooGirls LtD with a twelve to zero kill/death ratio.