Boned Octopus

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Boned Octopus
Terrible in Nega-calamari!

"Its tentacles crack while wriggling."
Rarity: Common
Catch Time: Any

Fish Facts

The Boned Octopus is a particularly odd species of cephalopod found in NLACakaNM's eerie Void waters. Unlike every other cephalopod on the planet, this one has evolved a skeleton, and is basically chock-full of bones! As one might suspect, this makes it a poor choice as seafood goes. These strange octopi are usually heard before they're seen, as their bones make a tell-tale rattling or creaking sound as they approach. Theories abound as to why bones are present in bodies of these creatures. Some believe that the eerie crackling of the octopus' skeleton serves to intimidate predators, making them think there's a spooky skeleton around. Others posit that the skeleton serves to reinforce the body of the octopus, making it more difficult for meaner varieties of void wildlife to deal damage to it. Still others believe the skeleton of the boned octopus to be a cruel trick of the evolutionary lottery, serving no practical purpose at best, and actively being a detriment to the octopus at worst. Sadly, very little research exists on void wildlife, and the literature is still being built up about the subject. Local ghosts report that the boned octopus makes for a great pet for any skeletal residents of the city.