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Picture of Church

Join Date: June 10th, 2020
Species: Humanoid
Affiliations: Slimecorp
Generations: Gen 3
Roles: SlimeCorp Security, Advertisement Lead

Church is a member of the SlimeCorp Security Team and self-proclaimed Advertisement Lead, a reputation held strongly among the rest of the security team. Nowadays they mostly just sit in the breakroom filling out company paperwork and tax forums for other security members. Their training as a bodyguard has proved very beneficial as a member of the Security Team.


Church originally enlisted with the Killers after a chance encounter on the ferry, before finally resigning to life as a Staydead. During this time they collected enough negaslime to make it to the top of the city's leaderboard before their negaslime horde vanished.

During the Shambler uprising they returned from the grave to take up arms with the Garden Gankers and hold them off.

After the uprising was dealt with, they did some respectable work as a bodyguard. It was during this time that SlimeCorp released their Security Initiative and Church was hired on the team. Although the ad promised donuts, they were never supplied.