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Here you can find a list of (most) commands in the game. Command arguments are separated by a blank space, and can sometimes have an order of appearance for commands with multiple arguments (Numbered in their order in the tables bellow if necessary).

Movement and Transport

Command Effect Used in Argument Type
!move Moves the player to the chosen location Districts and Sub-areas Category:Locations
!tp Moves the player to the chosen location (Requires the Quantum Legs Mutation)
!descend Enter rabbit holes Districts with a mysterious tunnel Not applicable
!halt Stops any movement you were doing Anywhere?
!embark Get on a public transit vehicle, if one is available Districts and Sub-areas
!disembark Get off a public transit vehicle Public Transit Vehicles
!schedule Check the schedule and connecting stations from your current station or the schedule for the vehicle you are currently riding Public Transit Vehicles and Stations
!loop Loop to the other side of the map (Landlocked only) Border Districts Not applicable

General Info

Command Effect Used in Argument Type
!data Show's a player's description and general information Anywhere Player ID's
!slime Shows a player's slime
!help Displays the in-game help pages Help Topics (check in-game for specifics)
!slimecoin Display a players Slimecoin balance Player ID's
!exchangerate Show the specified stock's price in the stock exchange Stock Exchange Stock Name
!stocks Display all intractable stocks in the stock exchange Not Applicable
!shares Display number of stocks the player owns in a specified company Anywhere Company name
!negapool Display the total negative slime available to ghosts for summoning Not Applicable
!negaslime Display the total negative slime in the world
!endlesswar Display the total positive slime in the world
(†)!swearjar Display the number of swears in the global swear jar
!mutations Display a players Mutations Player ID's
!hunger Display the players hunger Not Applicable
!clock Display the current in-game time and weather
!transportmap Display the public transit map
!progress Display the capturing progress of the current district Districts

Street Interactions

Command Effect Used in Argument Type
!look Display attributes and description of the current district or sub-area NLACakaNM Not Applicable
!survey Display the basic attributes of a district or sub-area
!scout Display information about possible dangers in nearby districts Districts District Names
!menu Display the items for sale in your current location Stores and Restaurants Not Applicable
!order Buy something from the shop in your current location Item Name (Additionally, for food items, you can add "togo" so you get the food as an item instead of eating it right away)
!appraise Have Captain Albert Alexander appraise your fish Speakeasy Fish Name
!barter Have Captain Albert Alexander make you an offer on your fish
!barterall Have Captain Albert Alexander make you an offer on all your fish Not Applicable
!embiggen Make your fish bigger at the cost of poudrins Slimeoid Laboratory Fish Name
!spray Paint the current district in your faction's colors to increase your faction's influence in that district Districts Not Applicable
!changespray Change your displayed tag when you are captuiring a district NLACakaNM Whatever you want really: image link, text, regular link, etc.
!tag Display your current capturing tag Anywhere Not Applicable
!recycle Destroy an item in excahnge for slimecoin SlimeCorp Recycling Plant Item Name
!advertise Buy ad space to display in the Green Light District Slimecorp HQ Ad content (You must use !confirm or !refuse as confirmation)
!ads Display the ads around you Green Light District Not Applicable
!pray Pray at the base of ENDLESS WAR ENDLESS WAR Not Applicable
!clockin Go into the Slimecorp Breakroom Slimecorp HQ (Slimecorp only) Not Applicable
!clockout Leave the Slimecorp Breakroom
!sanitize Remove influence progress from a district Districts (Slimecorp only) Captcha
!paycheck Check how many slimecorp credits you have Anywhere (Slimecorp only) Not Applicable
!payday Exchange slimecorp credits for slime Slimecorp HQ (Slimecorp only)
!slimeball, !slimeballgo, !slimeballstop, !slimeballleave Commands for playing Slimeball Districts Can be a lot of things (Check Slimeball for more details

Player Interaction

Command Effect Used in Argument Type
!enlist Enlists you with one of the factions in RFCK Anywhere Faction Name
!revive Revives you, changing your faction from ghost to juvie The Sewers Not Applicable
!suicide You die, becoming a ghost Districts
!haunt Haunt another player NLACakaNM (ghosts only) Player ID's (target must be in a pvp area)
!inhabit Inhabit another player to follow them around Player ID's (target must be in the same area as the player)
!letgo Stop inhabiting another player Not Applicable
!possessweapon Possess the weapon equipped by the player you currently inhabit, giving 1/5 of the slime gained on kills to you, in exchange for more damage
!possessfishingrod Possess the fishing rod equipped by the player you currently inhabit, giving the slime gained on reel to you, in exchange for a better chance to find fish
!pardon Release the specified player from their commitment to their faction Anywhere (Kingpin only) Player ID's
!banish Ban a player from enlisting in your faction
!vouch Allow a juvie to join your faction Anywhere
!duel Challenge another player to a duel NLACakaNM Player ID's (The other player must type !accept or !refuse as an answer to your invitation)
!adorn Wear a cosmetic item Item Name
!dedorn Remove a cosmetic item
!give Give an item to another player
  • (1):Player ID's
  • (2):Item Name
!fursuit Check your tranformation progress (Organic Fursuit only) Not Applicable
!stink Start smelling bad (Aposematic Stench only)
!slap Ditchslap someone into another district (Ditch Slap only)
  • (1):Player ID's
  • (2):District Name
!track Set Your third eye on someone (One Eye Open only) Players ID's
!longdrop Drop an Item in an adjacent district (Long Arms only)
  • (1):Item Name
  • (2):District Name
!shakeoff Remove someone else's thrird eye from you (One Eye Open only) Players ID's
!thirdeye Check your third eye's status (One Eye Open only) Not Applicable
!bleedout Empty your blood storage (Bleeding Heart only)
!chemo Remove a mutation Clinic of Slimoplasty Mutation Name
!graft Aquire a mutation
!purify Purify yourself of slime at the soda fountain Bicarbonate Soda Fountain Not Applicable


Command Effect Used in Argument Type
!equip Equip a weapon/tool NLACakaNM (Juvie cant use it) Item Name
!sidearm Assign a weapon to be your sidearm
!kill Attack a target PVP areas (Rowdys and Killers only)
  • (1):Target ID
  • (2):Captcha (For Weapons with security codes)
!reload Reloads your equipped weapon Anywhere? Not Applicable
!spar Spars with the target friendly player Dojo Player ID's
!annoint Annoint your currently equipped weapon NLACakaNM New Weapon Name
!marry Marry your equiped weapon Dojo Not Applicable
!divorce Divorce your equiped weapon
!dodge Apply the evasive status effect to yourself, to decrease attacker hit chance PvP areas Player/NPC ID's
!taunt Apply the taunted status effect to your enemy, to decrease their hit chance
!aim Aim carefully at your target, increasing accuracy and critical chance
!switch Switch your equiped weapon for your sidearm NLACakaNM Not Applicable


Command Effect Used in Argument Type
!summonnegaslimeoid Summons a random Negaslimeoid in the current district Districts (ghosts only) Negaslimeoid's name
!negaslimeoid Examine the target Negaslimeoid
!battlenegaslimeoid Battle a Negaslimeoid in the current district Districts with a Negaslimeoid


Command Effect Used in Argument Type
!slimepachinko Play the Pachinko minigame Casino Not Applicable
!slimeslots Play the Slots minigame
!slimecraps Play the Craps minigame Amount of slime/slimecoin wagered
!russianroulette Play the Russian Roulette minigame with someone Player ID's (The other player must type !accept or !refuse as an answer to your invitation)
!slimeroulette Play the Roulette minigame
  • (1): Amount of slime/slimecoin/soul wagerered
  • (2): Bet Placement
!slimebaccarat Play the Baccarat minigame
!slimeskat Play the Skat minigame
!skatjoin, !skatdecline, !skatbid, !skatcall, !skatpass, !skatplay, !skathearts, !skatslugs, !skathats, !skatshields, !skatgrand, !skatnull, !skattake, !skathand, !skatchoose I have no idea how this game works but Im puting all the commands for it here If someone knows please help fix this part
!betsoul Sell your soul for slime coin at the casino Player ID's
!buysoul Buy a soul from the casino

Resource Gathering

Command Effect Used in Argument Type
!mine Mine for slime Juvies' Row Mines, Toxington Mines, Cratersville Mines Different depending on the mining minigame (Check Mining for specifics)
!flag Flags a bomb in the Minesweeper Mining Minigame Coordinates on the Board
!crush Crush a crop into a crafting material/Crush a poudrin into slime NLACakaNM Crop Name
!reap Harvest fully grown crops Juvie's Row Farms,Ooze Gardens Farms and Arsonbrook Farms Not Applicable
!sow Plant something in the ground Crop Name or none to plant a Poudrin
!checkfarm Analyse the crops in your current location Not Applicable
!irrigate Boost the crop planted depending on their needs (Check Farming for more details)
!mill Transform crops into crafting materials Crop Name
!cast Cast your fishing line to begin fishing Juvie's Row Pier, Slime's End Pier, Jaywalker Plain Pier, Crookline Pier, Assault Flats Beach Pier and Toxington Pier Not Applicable
!reel Reel in your fishing line to catch a fish

Resource Managment

Command Effect Used in Argument Type
!inventory Display your personal inventory Anywhere Some modifiers can be added after the initial command to change the display mode. Multiple modifiers can be used at once:
  • "type" - Sorts by item type
  • "name" - sorts by item name
  • "id" - sorts by item id (default)
  • "stack" - stacks items with the same name into a single row
  • "search" - searches your inventory for an item (item name must be provided after)
!chest Display the items in the community chest Cop Killtown, Rowdy Roughhouse and Slimecorp HQ
!invest Invest Slimecoin into the stock market Stock Exchange
  • (1): Stock Name
  • (2): Slimecoin
!withdraw Withdraw Slimecoin from the stock market
!transfer Transfer Slimecoin to another player
  • (1) Player ID's
  • (2) Slimecoin
!donate Donate slime to SlimeCorp in exchange for slimecoin Slimecorp HQ Slime Amount
(†)!redeem Redeem slimecoin for Slime Slimecoin Amount
!crystalizenegapoudrin Crystalize a Negapoudrin NLACakaNM (ghosts only) Not Applicable
!devour Eats furniture or cosmetics (Requires the Trashmouth Mutation) Anywhere? Furniture and Cosmetics
!eat Eat a food item Item Name
!inspect Display attributes and the description of the specified item Anywhere Item Name
!use Use an item Anywhere?
!dyecosmetic Dye a specific cosmetic NLACakaNM
  • (1): Cosmetic Name
  • (2): Dye Name
!discard Drop an item on the floor of the current district Districts Item Name
!trash Destroy a food item from your inventory NLACakaNM
!preserve Preserve an inventory item, making it immune to leaving your inventory on death (Rigor Mortis mutation only) Anywhere
!extractsoul Convert your soul into item form NLACakaNM Not Applicable
!returnsoul Return your soul into your body
!squeezesoul Squeeze a soul for the owners slime, you monster Player ID's
!sew Repair a cosmetic item Secret Bodega Item Name
!retrofit Retrofit a cosmetic item Secret Bodega Item name


Command Effect Used in Argument Type
!apartment Display general information about your apartment Not Applicable
!retire Go into your apartment Districts (Must have an apartment in the district)
!depart Leave your apartment Your apartment
!consult See the price for a apartment in a certain district Slimecorp Real Estate Agency District Name
!signlease Buy an apartment in a certain district
!breaklease Get rid of your apartment Not Applicable
!aptupgrade Upgrade your apartment
!knock Ask to enter someone's apartment Districts Player ID's
!trickortreat Go trick or treating for double halloween Apartments Player ID's
!aptname Custumize your apartment's name Your Apartment Apartment Name
!aptdesc Custumize your apartment's description Apartment Description
!fridge Put an item into the fridge in your apartment Item Name
!unfridge Remove an item from the fridge in your apartment
!closet Put an item into the closet in your apartment
!uncloset Remove an item from the closet in your apartment
!stow Store an item in the community chest / your closet Your Apartment / Gang House
!snag Take an item from the community chest / your closet
!decorate Place a piece of furniture in your apartment Your Apartment
!undecorate Remove a piece of furniture in your apartment
!freeze Store your slimeoid in the freezer Not Applicable
!unfreeze Remove your slimeoid from the freezer
!aquarium Store fish in your apartment aquarium Fish Name
!releasefish Return a fish from your aquarium to your inventory
!pot Put a crop item into a pot to display it in your apartment Crop Name
!unpot Return a crop item back into your inventory
!propstand Convert an item into a display piece for your apartment Item Name
!unstand Convert an item stand back into an item in your inventory
!shelve Store books and zines in your bookshelf
!unshelve Take a book or zine out of your bookshelf
!wash Return an item or slimeoid into its undyed form
!browse Browse your computer for furniture? (Must have a laptop computer set up in your apartment
!frame Frame a picture (usually an imgur link) into an item Image Link
!dyefurniture Dye your furniture
  • (1): Dye Name
  • (2): Furniture Item Name
!watch Watch TV Not Applicable
!addkey Add a lock to your door and create a "key" item that grants anyone access to your apartment Slimecorp Real Estate Agency Not Applicable
!changelock Remove the ability for others to enter your apartment with a house key item
!setalarm Set your alarm clock to go off at a certain time Your Apartment Alarm Time


Command Effect Used in Argument Type
!salute Salutes the NLACakaNM flag. Anywhere Not applicable
!unsalute Burns the NLACakaNM flag.
!moan Pretty self evident Anywhere (Shamblers only)
!wiki Anywhere
!thrash Rowdys' thrash
!dab Killers' dab
!boo Ghosts' boo
!dance Juveniles' dance
!propaganda SlimeCorp's propaganda
!co1nfl1p Terezi Gang's coinflip
!shamble Shambler's shamble
!piss You unzip your dick and piss (Requires Enlarged Bladder Mutation) Player ID's
!clench Clench your buttcheeks (Useful when getting Ditch-slapped) Not Applicable
!skullbash Bash your head in
!legallimit Tells you if you are above the legal limit
!prank Pranks someone Districts Player ID's
!smoke Smoke a cig if you have one Anywhere Not Applicable
!push Push someone like the chump they are NLACakaNM Player ID's
!bully Bully someone like the nerd they are
!jump You use your legs to go up Anywhere Not Applicable
!toss Throw an item at something or someone Item Name
!checkflag Look at the glorious ENDLESS WAR flag Not Applicable
!jam Play your sick ass bass Anywhere Item Name

Unorganized commands

WIP im organizing this place

Command Effect Used in Argument Type
!trade Anywhere Starts a trade with another player in the same district
!completetrade Anywhere Completes a trade
!canceltrade Anywhere Cancels a trade