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Location of Cratersville in NLACakaNM

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Property Class: B

"Standing at the edge of this massive crater is an amazing sight. You can see the entire district in a little semi-sphere. There was once a nuclear reactor here. One of the many that blew up in a chain reaction, making our slimey city what it is today. That's why the buildings here are all relatively new, and relatively middle class. I'm gonna sit on this bike and let it roll all the way down to the center, where all the relatively cool shit happens around here." -Niboe

Channel Description

A modest residential district peppered here and there with debris from several recently collapsed Wreckington business headquarters.

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Crumbling infrastructure is commonplace here. The craters and smaller potholes that give this district its name are scattered liberally across the streets and sidewalks. Unruly miners have refused to limit their excavating to the designated mining sector and scavenge even the residential roads for meager drops of slime. Cratersville really sucks to live in. I mean, obviously. Look at this place. Even aside from the huge fucking holes everywhere, you've still got to deal with the constant sound of mining and dynamite explosions underground.

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The people here hurry to their destinations, avoiding eye contact. They must be wary after seeing gang members level the next town over not too long ago.

To the North is Poudrin Alley. To the Northeast is the Rowdy Roughhouse. To the East is Wreckington. To the West is Ooze Gardens.

Cool Shit To Know

Excerpt from the Slime Times' article "Cratersville"

"a burning miasma it has often lighted the city from some angle or other no matter how far you are from cratersville be it from wreckington and krak bay to arsonbrook and astatine heights cratersville is a fascinating place and labeled a SSNI (site of special nuclear interest) that doesn’t stop rowdies and sometimes killers from dumping bodies in the junk rivers these junk rivers consist of a special natural growing slime from the slimefalls of ooze gardens the junkflows of cratersville consist of a mixture of girders gears and metal salvage of all kinds that flow from a special city wide pipe specifically for trash sends it all to cratersville plenty also is produced by the neighbouring wreckington due to their rowdy activities as battles with girders cause a lot of junkflow also the collisions causing massive sparks igniting the sludge and slime rotted oil slew with rust and greasy grime molecules endlessly..."



The Slime Times writer Neo Gaylord Nelson