Negaslime Squid

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Negaslime Squid
Great in Nega-calamari!

"It's just a black squid, but spooky."
Rarity: Common
Catch Time: Any

Fish Facts

The Negaslime Squid is a spooky cephalopod only found in NLACakaNM's unique and mysterious Void waters. Little is known about the nature of the Void habitat, but one thing is certain: Ghosts congregate there in droves, and not just the spectres of fallen gang members and juvies! New research has shown that under certain conditions, local wildlife that perishes under violent circumstances can sometimes find themselves in the same situation as our local ectoplasmic residents of The Sewers, and find their way to the Black Pond in the nearby Void. The Negaslime Squid in particular seems to be a ghostly variant of the more well-known Slime Squid common to the surface world. They exhibit a lot of the properties possessed (heh) by most ghosts, able to !haunt the still-living marine life found outside the underground to accumulate Negaslime. What purpose this serves is unknown, as the squid is dead and has no use for sustenance any longer. Perhaps it intends to spite the living? It would certainly be on-brand as far as ghosts go, but so far research is inconclusive. Some scattered reports out of Juvie's Row seems to suggest they have the ability to haunt local Juvies by manifesting themselves through the city's plumbing system, occasionally shocking an unsuspecting Juvie on their way to the bathroom. Make sure to check your toilets, Juvies, or else you may find out too late that your plumbing is haunted by horrible spectres of vengeful marine life!