Slime Squid

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Slime Squid
Mean and green!

"It's just a green squid."
Rarity: Common
Catch Time: Any

Fish Facts

The humble Slime Squid is a species of green cephalopod common to the Slime Sea surrounding our beautiful city. Mutated by radiation and Slime, the slime squid is colored a distinct viridian hue, which, on its face, might sound a bit boring. If you're not a fool, though, you'll remember that the Slime Sea, along with every other body of water in town, is colored the exact same shade of green due to its slime content. The supposedly boring and silly green color of the slime squid is actually ingenious camouflage, making it nigh invisible underwater. Using thermal imaging, it becomes apparent that the slime squid is actually a top notch stealth predator, slowly and quietly floating up to potential prey, oblivious to its presence, and then striking quickly with a killing blow. To the naked eye, it looks as if the hapless prey fish simply vanished from view! Particularly clever slime squids use this appearance to their advantage, stalking schools of smaller fish, picking them off one by one until they either eat their fill or the entire group has been reduced to just a few individuals. Truly a terrifying sight! Or, it would be, if slime squids weren't so small. They only grow a few feet long! Of course, that makes them prime targets for NLACakaNM's fishing industry, so they're a common ingredient in most seafood dishes along the coast. Go try some yourself, they're pretty tasty (if you like slime, that is)!