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Slimeoids are animals of living slime. Formed by science in the Slimecorp Slimeoid Laboratory. Very obviously based off Pokemon. Slimeoids were promised for a long time and had a lot of fanart before even fucking existing, even having the Arena exist as a useless subzone since the start of season 2. Speaking of which, slimeoids main purpose is to be brought to the Arena where they enter combat against the slimeoids of other citizens of NLACakaNM.


Giant feral slimeoids that roam the outskirts, and occasionally the City itself. They were secretly created by N12 as a secret weapon to be used by SlimeCorp.

In game, they act as roaming Mobs and occasional bosses that players can hunt for slime and raw materials.

Making a slimeoid

  1. To create a slimeoid, you will need one slime poudrin and at least one slime, then, you must head to the Slimeoid Laboratory subzone
  2. Type the command !incubateslimeoid [Amount of slime], every extra digit of slime adds a level to your slimeoid, (1 slime=1 level, 10 slime=2 levels) which gives points to be distributed into three stats later
  3. Now you must choose traits of your slimeoid, using the !Grow[trait] [letter between a and g] command, with the letter deciding what type of say, head, your creature grows. Refer to this table for the full list:
Part Body Head Legs Weapon Armor Special Ability Personality
A Teardrop Cyclops Legs Blades Scales Spitting It is extremely irritable
B Wormlike Mouth Rolling Teeth Boneplates Laser Radiation It is enthusiastic about almost everything
C Spherical Void/Hole Tentacles Grip/Squeezing Quantum Field Spikes It is quiet and withdrawn
D Humanoid Beast/Dragon Jets Bludgeon Formless/Squishy Throwing It is usually staring off into space
E Tentacled Bug Slug Spikes Regeneration Telekinesis It is extremely skittish and jumpy
F Amorphous Skull Float Electricity Horrible Stench Fire Breath It acts secretive, as though it's up to something
G Quadruped None Wings Body Slam Oil Webs (Spiderman) It seems to have no idea what it is doing

(Thanks to whoever made the original google doc!)

  • After that use the !raise[stat] command to allocate points into the three stats of your slimeoid, your slimeoid's points are determined by its level:

Moxie: Force of Character, Determination (Attack)

Grit: Resolve, Courage (Defense)

Chutzpah: Audacity, Pure Impudence (Special)

  • Next, name your slimeoid with !nameslimeoid [Desired Name]
  • Finally, use !spawnslimeoid to burst it out of containment and into your loving arms!

Outside of battle

  • Slimeoids will stay with you no matter how many times you die, waiting in downtown for you to come back
  • Simply type !slimeoid to check your slimeoids data. You can add an @[someone] to the end to check their slimeoid as well
  • Use the !walkslimeoid command to receive some random cute flavor text based on its traits
  • Use the !playfetch command to receive some random cute flavor text based on its traits
  • Your slimeoid will !howl along with you


Battling is the quintessential part of having a slimeoid. To initiate a battle, you must a) have a slimeoid and b) be in the arena with at least one other person.

To initiate a battle, you use the !slimeoidbattle @<name> command to challenge an opponent. The opponent must use !accept command for the battle to begin. If they use the !refuse command, well, they refuse the battle and it doesn't happen. Should they have the audacity to ignore your challenge, they are ridiculed for being a coward.

The battle itself uses the stats and body parts of your slimeoids to randomly generate actions for your slimeoids to take. eventually, one slimeoid defeats the other and emerges victorious.

Notable Slimeoids

  • Doopedy Shmoople : Consort and Vehement Viceroy and Archagent of Administration for the Rowdys. A grumpy slimeboi with a jester hat and a big, stupid, floppy tongue that gives him a speech impediment. His soul (and hat) has been passed around more than a joint at a college dorm room.
  • Derpedy Shmerple: Doopedy's better looking brother and Munchy's loyal slimeoid. He is a good boy who never ate a small child. maybe.
  • Nico Tina(s) : a collective of worm-like slimeoids owned by Killer EbolaSpreadn247. While the exact number is unknown, they are well within the hundreds, and dwell under the dusty soil of NLACakaNM. Those that haven't been consumed by a Negaslimeoid, that is.
  • Turt: A giant pink turtle with a helmet. Her master is e-thot and Killer, Pizza-chan. While there have been many accusations that Turt is either a prostitute or is actually a male with "High T", no one has made a 3-panel comic to make it canon. Yet. Pretty cute.
  • Slimefield: It's Garfield, but made out of slime. And he is REALLY big. Pretty cool if you ask me. Owned by former-staydead-now-shambler-king, KOFF.
  • My Fursona: Ackro, but as a furry. Duh.

Command List

  • !incubateslimeoid
  • !growbody
  • !growhead
  • !growlegs
  • !growweapon
  • !growarmor
  • !growspecial
  • !growbrain
  • !nameslimeoid
  • !raisemoxie
  • !lowermoxie
  • !raisegrit
  • !lowergrit
  • !raisechutzpah
  • !owerchutzpah
  • !spawnslimeoid
  • !dissolveslimeoid
  • !slimeoid
  • !instructions
  • !playfetch
  • !petslimeoid
  • !abuseslimeoid
  • !walkslimeoid
  • !observeslimeoid
  • !slimeoidbattle
  • !saturateslimeoid
  • !restoreslimeoid
  • !bottleslimeoid
  • !unbottleslimeoid
  • !feedslimeoid
  • !dressslimeoid
  • !undressslimeoid