Snakehead Trout

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Snakehead Trout
Watch out for those fangs!(Art by Foebot)

"It has the body of a trout and the head of a snake. Heavy fuckin' metal."
Rarity: Common
Catch Time: Night

Fish Facts

Snakehead Trout are a fresh(or as fresh as water gets in this city)water fish species known for their distinctive heads, which are identical to those of snakes. Theories abound as to why these fish have snake heads. Some say it's simply another mutation due to exposure to slime, or perhaps radiation, or even the same chemicals in the water that turns the frogs gay. Others posit that the Snakehead Trout was the result of profane experiments done in an underwater lab deep in a trench at the bottom of the Slime Sea by a mad scientist who was really into making hybrid animals for some reason. In any case, their snake heads are well adapted for underwater hunting. They have a nasty lunge attack for quickly sinking their long fangs into prey, though they lack venom-producing organs.