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Status effects are nerfs or buffs that effect the player.


  • Death/Ghost: As a ghost, you are prevented from using many of the game features and mechanics: Unable to Scavenge, unable to Scout, unable to use or interact with slimeoids, Unable to mine, unable to farm, unable to fish, unable to use the stock exchange, unable to buy items.
  • Souless/Hollow: When you extract your soul, you are prevented from interacting or using Slimeoids, get flavortext that reflect your hollowness, and susceptible to Soul Squeezing.
  • Hunger: Hunger is built up by doing certain actions or passively overtime. When your Hunger Meter is at 100%, you cannot mine, scavenge, use combat, or fish. Several mutations have activation conditions based on hunger.
  • Glare: When a player leaves Incognito, they are stunned for 10 second by the judgmental stare of Endless War. The mutation Chameleon Skin lets you !move and !scout while in Incognito.
  • Bicarbonate Soda Rain: There is a high chance of raining a chemical compound that melts slime. Unprotected players will take damage every 10 seconds. umbrellas, raincoats, and staying inside a subzone or safe zone will protect you.
  • Repel: Buff that prevents Feral Slimeoids from attacking you. Lost when you attack a Slimeoid, giving the player a 2 second stun.
  • Bleed: After a player takes combat damage, 1/4 of slime damage will slowly bleed onto the floor over a period of time. Several mutations relate to bleeding.

Weapon Specific

  • Stun (garrote): A 5 second stun if you fail to strangle your target with Garrote wire.
  • Strangulation: Successful hits with a Garrote Wire results in the target getting stunned and and takes damage over time. Target must break free.
  • Burn: Takes Damage Over Time (DOT) because your on FUCKING FIRE.


  • Slimeoids are currently not effect by status effects.